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Here at, we are small business owners turned marketing consultants!

We want you to know that whatever pain  you are going through with you business,we are   in the trenches everyday as  small business owners ourselves. We know exactly what is still working and what is no more working for small business owners.

Fact: Every small business owner NEED three things:
1.They want  to attract more customers(whether you own an online business or offline business)
2.They want their current customers to make even bigger purchases over and over again.
3.They want their customers to stay with them for a  longer time (LIVE VALUE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS)

So how do you do all these as a small business owner?

Trust me,  there is a PROVEN SYSTEM TO ACHIEVING THIS FLAWLESSLY. And that is what we specialize in here at


We manage own our own stores offline and a few portals online that we manage.

Yes, we don’t just talk the talk! We walk the walk everyday!


may be you don’t have the time to optimize your marketing activities: (your job as a business owner  is to focus on running your business and let us help you effectively manage the marketing part of your business and grow your profits exponentially)

you probably don’t have a lot of hits on your website, you don’t have a lot interests, hits translating into patients, etc (most times all you need is marketing audit. By that, I mean we can help you figure out why visitors are not converting while they are on your website. That is easily solved by testing and tracking). Ok, I said easily. I lied. It is not easy. It involves a lot of time and effort. Don’t worry, we got you back.

you’ve  probably   tried running your own adwords and lost a lot of money. Now you don’t know who to trust :. (when I first started, I lost more than $1000.00 within days running that damn adwords!. After a while, I was able to figure  out  the little known secrets no one seems to be talking about. Now I am privileged to help other small business owners to pick the right keywords, create the best converting video scripting messages, optimize their social media presence online and a  whole lot more).

may be your print ads are not performing as expected: (believe it or not we can help you fix that. We blend offline and online marketing seamlessly. It is beautiful when you combine the two worlds). Our strategy is to test it online first, then take it offline. Because with  online, it is cheaper and faster to test and track. That is the beautiful thing about search engine marketing.
may be none of the above situations describe the problems you are having right now with your business (Don’t loose faith! Give us  a buzz! Talk to us about your situation. I am sure we will be able to help you out. Fair enough?