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Imagine For A Second How Much Your Life Would Change, How Profitable Your Business Would Be IF All Of A Sudden Your Marketing Started Working Much Better Than 7 Times Or More Than It Is Right Now. Video to your left reveal why lots of Small Businesses Are Turning To Us To Help  Them Increase Their Buttom Line Results By Using The Internet , Mobile Media & Direct Marketing.

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Our Beliefs & Values?

Here at overcomelocal,  we are Christians!

No seriously!!

We are Christians and have a strong relationship with our lord Jesus Christ. Here are few tenets we live by (as it relates to our relationships with our customers)

  • We are truthful  to the core, even if the customer don’t want to hear that. We have turned down a lot of projects because we did not see them fit for us and most especially, not in the best interest of the customer.
  • SIMPLICITY: We strive to make everything here as simple as possible. If a Grade 8 kids can’t  understand our presentations, then it is too difficult to understand. Hey, some of our staff members  are from programming background. In programming, you are taught to make things simple and stupid! Don’t know about the word ” stupid” though.
  • OVERCOME(RS): There is a reason we named our website OVERCOMELOCAL. We do everything we can (ethically) to help our customers overcome, dominate their  various niche markets.
  • We do not use any form of tricks here. We believe in strategizing, At times, results don’t come as fast we expect, but strategy last a lifetime!

We also …

  •  keep all your stuff  confidential at all times
  • we strive to provide you with care and better understanding of your project(s) at hand.
  • address any concerns promptly. No fooling around here!
  • work very hard on each and every project as if our life depend on it. Of course it does. So, EXCELLENT RETURN ON YOUR  INVESTMENT IS OUR “MOJO”.
  • provide excellent customer service. Every company should!

Now let’s talk about what we expect from you, shall we?

  • please let  us know how we are doing, good, bad or worse. This will make us  work even harder to serve you better.
  • just do this! If we ask you to do something on your website or business, please do it. After all you pay for the consultation.
  • be prepared to grow your business. Why be in business if you are not ready for growth?
  • please feel free to ask questions . No matter how “stupid” you think the question is. Here we go again with that word “stupid”. Ok, no matter how  unintelligent the question is, just ask!

So now that we  know a little bit about each other. Wouldn’t it  be profitable for you and your team to try our proven profit system to see how we can better use it to help you grow your bottom-line profit (online and or offline)

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What you can do though is patiently spend sometime on this site 
read our text version and download our  special reports. YOURS FREE.

You and  our trained, experienced marketing consultant will  get on the phone, possibly sit together if you are within our office location; and explore every possible  reasons why your current website  is NOT performing all within  the allocated consulting time frame.
(and if you still own one of those $4.99 websites, we'll help you build a real website that turns tire kickers into buyers at a price you can live with)
That is not all!
Once we've discovered the culprits, we will then go to battle against every obstacle, hindrance, bondage, that is causing your website   to freeze, restrain your profits; and unleash it.
You will shocked at how fast we can help you fix what need to be fixed, change what need to be changed and start on  optimizing every aspect of your sales and marketing funnel.
(sometimes certain aspects of these jobs require us to help you maintain your website on a   monthly basis. Of course you are free to cancel anytime!)
The end  result should  be nothing else than more traffic and increased sales OR JUST CANCEL!. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
***watch the video to your left and decide for yourself if you still want to continue being frustrated with your business or you want to start enjoying the benefits of owning your own business. The choice is yours!

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