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Search Engine Marketing For Local Business folks!

When local business owners hear about search engine marketing, they think it is some magic or voodoo!

Well, it is kind of magical in a way.

I have come across a lot of small business owners who think they can do it by themselves. Only to run back to us again with sad stories of how they lost thousands of dollars  in the process. IT IS ALWAYS INTERESTING when this happen!
Fact: Gone for ever are those days when prospective consumers run head over hills to grab those bulky yellow pages each time they need a particular address or something.
Those yellow pages which  can also been termed digitally  as directory listings are now at their finger tips. I am talking about their mobile devices.
I won’t go into details regarding the HUGE  percentage of prospective customers who are armed with  have smart phones at all times.
Even in the remote village of Africa, they  have cell phones.
Now that you know this for a fact as a local business owner, how then do you engage  them and turn them into your rabid, loyal fans?
How do you get them to call you and be a fan, not just a customer. Yes, be your evangelist who evangize your products and services without you paying them?

Remember they are bombarded with tons and tons of choices too. Which again make it more challenging.

Time and space won’t even allow me to do as much justice as i would have loved to do in explaining   the whole details regarding search engine marketing for local businesses. You going to have to download our reports to learn all that.
But here is the basic:
Cost Per Click: If you head over to Google now and type in “buy shoes”; look to your right side.
You will see some texts on the right side. They are 4 lines per block.
Those are called text ads. People  pay a lot of money to stay on that page.
What they are doing is adverting to their targeted audience that they have what their targeted audience want.
So if their targeted audience click on those text ads and don’t buy anything on their sites; they just lost  some money per that click.
And some click cost as high as 20 dollars per click!
Say you have a daily budget of 100 dollars. And 5 people clicked on your text ads without buying anything on that day, you just lost 100 that day. Make sense?


Being  At the Right Place  At the Right Time(Miracle of search marketing)

Believe it or not, search marketing is the most effective and affordable ways of reaching your prospective customers and making sales on your website or mobile site 27/7/365 days.

Never in the history of mankind has there being a truckload of opportunity where a  tiny, local business owner in the remote village in Africa being able to compete head to head with a fortune 500 company in America.


And that  is what these search engines have made possible. It gets better.

  • You can set up a campaign now and  start getting  measurable results in less than 10 minutes.
  • You can also reach every corner of the entire world. It is an amazing thing!
  • You can reach your targeted consumers in real time who are searching for   your product or services. All you need to do  is place your text ads or image ads in front  of him that “Hey, i have what  you are searching for. In fact I have it on sale but you need to hurry!”


So how can we use this amazing technology to help you reach, engage, and turn a look warm person to a rabid fan of yours?

1. We use Google AdWords™, Yahoo!® and Bing™ and a host of  other search engines to reach, engage and convert  your  prospective customers into  fans, buyers and more.

2. We also partner with other little but powerful directory listings to boost your campaign’s ROI!  These extended reach / coverage result in more conversions and lower  cost per click.

I know it is scary to know that you could actually place some text ads on the search engine network and have people click on them without buying anything from your site.

But what you should know is that there are strategies that need to be executed in order to spend your money wisely and make every campaign effectively and affordably.

That is why you should let the professionals do this instead of trying to do it yourself.

There are just too many innuendos involved in  search engine marketing it is mind bolding! personal touch!

A professional search engine  marketer will work with you  one on one to identify your specific goals. Some folks just want to build a list of buyers who they can market to over and over again. Others want to use search engine for research or to build their brand. What do you want to use  if for?


What ever you want to use it for, if we take over your account, we will provide you with detailed reports on every click, great detail on calls made to your business by prospective customers and a lot more.



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What you can do though is patiently spend sometime on this site 
read our text version and download our  special reports. YOURS FREE.

You and  our trained, experienced marketing consultant will  get on the phone, possibly sit together if you are within our office location; and explore every possible  reasons why your current website  is NOT performing all within  the allocated consulting time frame.
(and if you still own one of those $4.99 websites, we'll help you build a real website that turns tire kickers into buyers at a price you can live with)
That is not all!
Once we've discovered the culprits, we will then go to battle against every obstacle, hindrance, bondage, that is causing your website   to freeze, restrain your profits; and unleash it.
You will shocked at how fast we can help you fix what need to be fixed, change what need to be changed and start on  optimizing every aspect of your sales and marketing funnel.
(sometimes certain aspects of these jobs require us to help you maintain your website on a   monthly basis. Of course you are free to cancel anytime!)
The end  result should  be nothing else than more traffic and increased sales OR JUST CANCEL!. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
***watch the video to your left and decide for yourself if you still want to continue being frustrated with your business or you want to start enjoying the benefits of owning your own business. The choice is yours!

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