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Brand Awareness – Dominate Your Local Market,Fast & Easy

Maximum Online Awareness, in OvercomeLocal!

A few years ago, all you needed to generate effective and affordable brand awareness  is a traditional advertisement.

Not anymore.

Your potential customers consume more online media, more than ever before. Your potential customer have tons and tons of options now, more than ever before .

Their attention span is drastically lower than ever before.

But the good news for you as a  local business owner is that you can still use the internet and mobile platform to effectively  build awareness at affordable prices.

 So how do you reach you targeted customers effectively and affordably? How do you do that at prices you can live with?

What you do is target your audience in the most advanced way and optimize your websites so that the search engines picks up your targeted phrases.

Remember I told you earlier on that everything online is based on conversation , and conversation is all driven by keywords or phrases.

There is no “secret magic ” or some “voodoo ” or  some ?  in what we do here.


One other very crucial factor in creating a very long lasting awareness online for your product /services is  your message.


How well   your message resonate with your targeted audience is very important.

That is not all.

We also use re-targeting system to extend our reach of your targeted audience. What this means is that we position your product and or service in front of  the folks who just visited your website and did not take the actions you desire them to take. Such as buying your product or opting-in into your funnel.

(I sincerely apologize time and space does not allow me to explain in detail how this whole puzzles are put together. Please join our newsletter to learn more about how they all fit together)


Overcomelocal Smart Targeting  Display

Overcome uses  a few  sophisticated strategies and techniques  to locate, engage and convert your prospective customers.

  • Geographic targeting –  This is a very powerful one. We use geo targeting feature to position your message in front of your consumer BASED ON WHERE THEY ARE CURRENTLY LOCATED. Example: Your store is based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. You sell unique handbags imported from Brazil. Now here comes Abby, a consumer searching for certain phrases related to  what you sell. This consumer is searching from a small town in Racine, Wisconsin. We use the smart, geo targeting technology to position your message in front of this prospective customer who is searching from Racine Wisconsin. I know it sounds like magic, isn’t it. But it is not.
  • Demographic targeting – For each of our clients, we research who their targeted audience is. (age, income, gender, etc).We then create unique messages based on these factors.
  • Sites  targeting – Sometimes your targeted audience  hangout only on certain websites that is relevant to your business type. We go there to display your message to them; except adult websites and websites contain illegal stuff. That one is a no-no
  • Contextual targeting – There are some sites who feature content related to your business type. Say a blogger talks about unique handbags from Brazil. We locate such blogger and feature your message on their blogs.
  • Behavioral targeting – You’ve probably registered at one point or the other with some of these big websites or portals because you loved  gardening or have a particular  hobby that you love. We can also create messages based on your prospective customers behavior. Make sense?
  • Re-marketing –  I have written a great deal of article on the subject of re-marketing. The basic premise behind it is to put your message in front of consumers who previously visited your website but did not take any action such as buy anything from you or register for your newsletter . Such messages will help recapture their interest.
  •  Integrated Learning Environment :  –  We bring prospective consumers together, all under one roof and educate them about your products and services.

Finally …

You have more options now than ever  if you want to build your brand online. Everything we do here at will provide you with detail analysis of where you are spending your money, how you are spending it and more. Heck we even track all the calls made to your business  in the form of leads. We study how you greet your customers so that we can make informed suggestions to your . This will help you improve retention.

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