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Recapture Your Prospects Using Re-Marketing System

Lost Prospects, in


Hmmm! let’s see!!

In your attempt to increase your bottom-line profits,

In your attempt to drive traffic to your websites, you probably invested a lot of money in other forms of media such as (social media, radio ads, Search engine marketing,  newspaper ads, billboards, and a lot more); with little or no return on your investment.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well there are so many reasons that comes to mind as I write this feature.

I am going to stick with just  a few for the sake of this article.

You see, when you have a website, there are some very basic factors that must be present on your website.

No, not those flash stuff.

Very basic features that will make a complete new visitor to say to themselves “I really like this site and would like to do business with the owner”

Stuff like your picture, your phone number, the way you write  the content on your website, reputable publications where your business have been featured, chat system that let people have their questions answered instantly, and a lot more.

Now that you have a better idea of what must be present on your website.

What are you dong to make sure that when people visit your website, you are able to recapture their interest in you and have them come back!

Introducing Re-targeting! Re-targeting:  Here is how this work.

 Let’s say Susan visited your website where you sell unique handbags imported from Brazil.  Susan spent a few minutes on your site but did not buy anything. She clicked the back button- arrow on the left of her browser  and left your website immediately.

What re-marketing does is follow Susan whereever Susan goes online(as long as susan visit part of  the huge networks of sites belonging to the re-marketing  aggregated website -network)

But this will not be effective if your message is not compelling enough. Yes, if you don’t have  the right message, it will be a waste of money.

Susan will continue to see your message all over the place. All of a sudden, your little store based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts now look like a big, giant store  in Susan’s mind because now she is seeing your stores’ name all over the damn place.

She might be tempted to click on the banner again and check your website out the second time.

Chances are you are likely to make that sale the second time around and even if you don’t. What this technology has achieved is branded you, crawled in Susan’s brain/mind!.


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