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Manage Your Business Reputation Online & Increase Profit In The Process; style!

Here are two scenarios:

A customer visits your offline store to buy  a beautiful handbag. Let’s call her Susan.

Susan was not having a good day when she visited.  To make matters worse, she felt ignored by the store cashier for about 2 minutes or so.

But she managed to keep her cool.

Just minutes after she paid for her beautiful handbag, Susan armed with her smart phone instantly posted the picture of the beautiful handbag on here blog and complain about how rude she was treated.

(what was unknown to the cashier in your store was that Susan was a blogger who has a lot of rabid fans on her list. These folks listen to Susan because they perceived Susan to be an authority figure.)

Anyway, now Susan is now on her blog writing about this incident. She even made a big deal out of it, created a video about it and posted it on you tube. The video went viral, watched by millions of folks. A huge portion of them are also within your local area.

Of course you did not know anything about it until say a few weeks later.

By then, the damage had been done.

You think I made this up? You think it can not happen?

Think again because it had happened in the past to  a lot of businesses online and it is still happening as I write.

One thing you can not do is prevent anyone  from  exacting things like Susan did  . But you can actually “nip it in the bud” before it goes further.

That is  where we come in….

As soon as Susan even write a thing  mentioning the name of your business, we are on it.

We jump into the conversation right away.

Even if we have to  encourage you to get on the phone with Susan to see how best you can help cool here down, such as giving her a coupon or something.We’ll do that.

For me, I would rather lose 100.00 to make Susan happen that let her post damaging information online about my business. Information that may be there for years.

Also, do you know that one of the best ways to maintain your #1 spot on Google is to create a google page for your local business?

The more honest reviews you have, the better you chances.

Instead of paying for clicks like your competitors, all you do is optimize your Google page for your business and maintain your spot like a king for a very long time!

Call you for more information on this.

These things are worth their weight in gold, trust me.

PS: The same thing can happen to you if you own an online store. A customer visits your website and start talking “smack” about your website. What we do is jump  right into the conversation to let people know that it is not true.

You can call it public relations sort of!

Anyway, if this interest you, contact us and find out how we help you get started on the right track.


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