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Custom Lead Generation

Lead Generation: (Customized Lead Generation)

Fact: There are 2 ways to make a business profitable both online and offline.
If you own a website or online based business.
1.You need to know   how to generate leads(get prospective customers) to your website affordable and effectively  without losing your mind or breaking the bank.
2.And once they are on your website, you need to know how   to convert those leads(customers ) to ongoing profit.
Make sense so far?


Now if you own a businesses that is not online. You know like a store, practice, etc:
It is more or less the same thing. You need to know how to get customers to your  store, and while they are there. You need to  have proven system that will cause  them  to KEEP  coming back. From the way you greet them at the door to follow up, and  a lot more…

Here is where this get even better…

You can blend both worlds. You can get prospective customers to visit your website first and use your website to drive them to your store. You can also get them to visit your store, practice first and send them back to your website. I know it sound complicated.

I will be create some special reports to explain these strategies. Believe me when I say this. It is a very effective strategy.

Whether you own a business online or offline or both  ( online and offline) we can  help you  get customers or leads    leads using  all these various forms. Ethically of course.

One of such is by creating thought leader’s ebooks that are given away  for free. We use this a lot in the technology sector.

Others involve creating Integrated Learning Environments where experts are further invited to speak  in our virtual conferences and more. This is a very cool one in that it deeply  engage, educate & entertain customers all at the same time.

It gets better!!

We’ll go out there wherever your customers are, attract them, engage them, teach  them all they need to know about you, your products and services. Acquire them on your behalf.

Now the best part!



YOU DO NOT PAY US UNTIL WE DELIVER !! Isn’t that cool? You loose nothing in this process. It is called Cost Per Acquisition. 

Before the advancement  of the internet, only a hand full of fortune 500 companies were able to do this. But now  small, local business owners can now do the same thing and more.

The same tools and resources  that were once available to most Fortune 500 companies are now available to small  local business owners at prices so cheap  it is almost crazy for any small business owner not to give it a trial.

There is more…

This is the point where I  strongly encourage you to grab our free report. Because we know that not every small business owner can afford our prices, we continue to create marketing opportunities for the small business owners on our newsletter community. These are rare opportunities that other agencies charge a arm and leg for. But our members have them for free.

So go ahead now, click this link to grab our special report that further educate you on how to do a lot of things that others will charge you a whole lot for.
(of course after reading our reports and you can do them or don’t have time to do that. We got your back too. All you need to do is give us a call. ).


video coming real soon. please be patient with us.
What you can do though is patiently spend sometime on this site 
read our text version and download our  special reports. YOURS FREE.

You and  our trained, experienced marketing consultant will  get on the phone, possibly sit together if you are within our office location; and explore every possible  reasons why your current website  is NOT performing all within  the allocated consulting time frame.
(and if you still own one of those $4.99 websites, we'll help you build a real website that turns tire kickers into buyers at a price you can live with)
That is not all!
Once we've discovered the culprits, we will then go to battle against every obstacle, hindrance, bondage, that is causing your website   to freeze, restrain your profits; and unleash it.
You will shocked at how fast we can help you fix what need to be fixed, change what need to be changed and start on  optimizing every aspect of your sales and marketing funnel.
(sometimes certain aspects of these jobs require us to help you maintain your website on a   monthly basis. Of course you are free to cancel anytime!)
The end  result should  be nothing else than more traffic and increased sales OR JUST CANCEL!. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
***watch the video to your left and decide for yourself if you still want to continue being frustrated with your business or you want to start enjoying the benefits of owning your own business. The choice is yours!

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