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Most of our services are based on monthly or recurring basis; and cost per acquisition system.
What cost per acquisition means is that depending on the particular product or services, we only get paid based on the result we deliver.

If you ask me, I think Cost Per Acquisition  is a good option because it cost you nothing up front.  In fact a lot of our customers prefer this option.

We also build websites for small business.  We   found  out that   a lot of small business owners would also  like to test drive a website  first before making a full commitment.

Most agencies don’t offer you the option of test driving a website before selling you into their service. Imagine buying a car you are not allowed to test drive!

That is what prompted us to come up with RENT A WEBSITE PROGRAM


You see, a lot of agencies promise business owners  heaven and earth regarding getting their website on the front page of Google(as if they own  Google)
You know what the truth is?
There are so many factors that affects any website’s ranking on the first page of Google or any search engine for  that matter. These factors are beyond any ones control.


Google is a search engine which is powered by a series of software algorithms! If Google decide to wake up tomorrow and update their software, your website which is #1 today could slide down to #30. It is called Google dance.


But if you are renting or leasing the website from us, you have no commitment or whatsoever. We can immediately go under the hood of the website and fix whatever need to be fixed. All you do is pay the monthly rent or lease fees and enjoy free traffic that your competitors are paying arm and leg for.
****You can cancel anytime(actually you can cancel anytime from any of our products and services. No questions asked)

Anyway, here is how it works.

1.The website is ours. We lease it or rent it  to you.
2.. We place your company name, phone number and address on the site. We even add videos and more on the site for you.

3.We continue to maintain  the site and make it remain on the first page of Google.

4.All you do is sit back,relax and enjoy the free traffic to your business. IF AT ANY POINT YOU ARE NOT PLEASED, JUST CANCEL. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Scenario: Check this out?

Say you are an insurance agent located  in Jamaica plain, Massachusetts.

And there are other 10 agents located in the same area.

These other agents all have websites, just like yours.

They paid a lot of money to have their websites developed for them. I mean thousands!

To get traffic to their websites, they  also spend as much as $1000  or more per month on phrases like car insurance Boston ma, Boston ma car insurance, and so on.

(mind you, it does not mean that when prospective clients click on their text ads )  that looks like this one below:

“Cheapest Car Insurance”
Compare 13 Car Insurance Quotes
Save Time and Money! Takes ~4 min.


– that they will actually take any action such as contact the insurance agent  or do any business with the insurance agent as soon as the prospective customers are on the agents website.


Each click on those text ads could cost as  minimum as $20.00 -$50.00  per click.

I am not kidding!!

If you create a text ad, place  it in the search engine and some fool  just start clicking on them and not taking any action on your site such as patronizing you.

You will continue to lose as minimum as $20.00 each time they click on your text ads. That was how an online business owner lost $9000.00 per day. Believe me I am not making this up!


You can also pay a minimum of say 200.00 or more  per month to rent or lease one of our websites;  maintain the same first page of Google and get all the same visitors for free without worrying about whether some fool will be clicking on your text ads and not do any business with you.

You can also sign up for our cost per acquisition program (meaning we only get paid when we deliver you a customer or client.)

You have a better rest of mind this way.

Of course you can  cancel anytime.

So what is it going to be.

Give your self unnecessary stress  on whether your text ads is performing well or just  rent  one of  our websites for say 200.00-500.00 per month, get  all the same visitors, even more and let us worry about the positioning of the sites.


The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide on(to rent or go with  cost per acquisition program), we are here to help you. Just click this link to download our free ebooks first, complete an application and if you are approved , we will work with you.

Good luck!




video coming real soon. please be patient with us.
What you can do though is patiently spend sometime on this site 
read our text version and download our  special reports. YOURS FREE.

You and  our trained, experienced marketing consultant will  get on the phone, possibly sit together if you are within our office location; and explore every possible  reasons why your current website  is NOT performing all within  the allocated consulting time frame.
(and if you still own one of those $4.99 websites, we'll help you build a real website that turns tire kickers into buyers at a price you can live with)
That is not all!
Once we've discovered the culprits, we will then go to battle against every obstacle, hindrance, bondage, that is causing your website   to freeze, restrain your profits; and unleash it.
You will shocked at how fast we can help you fix what need to be fixed, change what need to be changed and start on  optimizing every aspect of your sales and marketing funnel.
(sometimes certain aspects of these jobs require us to help you maintain your website on a   monthly basis. Of course you are free to cancel anytime!)
The end  result should  be nothing else than more traffic and increased sales OR JUST CANCEL!. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
***watch the video to your left and decide for yourself if you still want to continue being frustrated with your business or you want to start enjoying the benefits of owning your own business. The choice is yours!

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