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Double Your Response With Intergrated Learning Enviroment Premium In Less Than 2 Weeks

Fact / Problems:

Your basic prospect is bombarded with tons and tons of advertising offers via various platforms. Their attention deficit is way above the roof!

And this has drastically affected lead generation campaigns.


Studies shows that offering free valuable contents in the form of special reports, white papers ,etc  will triple your lead generation campaigns both online and offline.

Another Problem:
Everyone is already offering the same free, valuable content. Consumers are just reading them and discarding them thereby creating digital dust in their hard drive.

Final Solution:

Our team went back to work again!

We finally came up with a better way to separate ourselves  away from the “herd”

We researched  the entire industry and realized that the format with which the  content is delivered is what engage, keep, and convert the customers.

Hence we came up with Premium Integrated Learning Environment

We also realized /noticed that  small business owners don’t have the tech know-how, the time and sometimes the budget  to create these engaging, impactful audio contents.

Our Premium Integrated Learning Environment is still under strict beta testing with some of our high profile clients(SOFTWARE NICHE!)

What the heck is Premium Integrated Learning Environment anyway? 

Premium Integrated Learning Environment     is  a free CD you can offer as an incentive, free stuff  to get your prospect to respond to your ads, email, direct mail or banner ads campaigns.

The difference in this Premium Integrated Learning Environment is that it is educational, highly interactive  in nature, unlike the old boring ways.

This is the age of interactivity!

The idea is to offer your prospects a specific  how to information on specific problems that is dear to their hearts. Yes, the same issues your product attempts to solve but in an interactive, learning or educational way.

Why should I offer a FREE CD?

What we are creating for you here is not just those FREE CD’S. You need to see this premium ILE. This product is truly worth it’s weight in gold! The benefit of offering a free premium ILE is that it is going to help triple  your responses. It is a very powerful product. For now it is expensive to create. That is why we are limiting  it ONLY to dentists, those in the medical sectors, software industry and a few others.


Why would I offer a CD instead of white papers or special reports?
This is how your prospect see it.

A CD has more perceived value compared to regular papers, reports they see all the time. When it arrive in the mail, it is going to have a special letter introducing them to the CD and all that it contains .

Curiosity will cause them to pop it into their computer or whatever gadget they own right away. Personally I have trashed reports that I received  in the mail along with other  junk mails but always open the CD first to see what it is. What you want is to let them open it  and listen to it.

It gets better!

You can still send them personalized letters  later on. But most times the CD will do the heavy lifting because our CD is interactive and not the regular,boring ones .

We’ll create the whole thing on your behalf. Nothing to worry about. You just focus on what is more important “running your business!”

How does your Premium Learning Environment CD work?

Glad you ask

First we study your product, market and industry. We talk about goals you want to achieve  with your campaigns, with emphasis on your prospects “pain points

Both of us will agree on certain, topics that will be covered in great detail in the Premium Learning Environment CD.

We will write and submit a list of questions about the topic for your approval. Then we will interview you on a conference call on those topics or  on   interview any other subject expert from your company. Most times this interview will last an hour.

How do we ensure satisfaction?

Another good one.

Before producing your CD, we’ll send you a special link where you can listen and watch the CD. If you are not satisfied, we do another take – at our own expense. But if you are satisfied, we then start production. It is that simple.

What do you charge for this service.

Well right now, we are only offering this service to  software niche and a very select few. Because of the cost involved.

We are working very hard to see how we can help make the cost  more  affordable to you!

We’ll keep you informed.

*****Whatever it is , it is definitely going to be a lot less compared to  you paying us or a top copywriter to create a special white paper for you which in most cases will cost you nothing less than $6000.00  or more.


What  is the minimum i can order? who duplicate the CD’s? How about cost? .

We have a company that does the duplication for us. No minimum you can order but you get volume discount if you  place large orders. Duplication include the CD, very nice label, soft beautiful case. It cost around $1.60 per unit plus shipping and handling.  which is a lot less than how much it is going to cost you per click on one of these search engines. Go figure!

 Can I save money by offering my audio as a downloadable stuff?

Of course you can.

But here is the deal with that. When people download your stuff online,  they don’t always pay close attention to such. Because your valuable content is probably one of many junk content they decide to download that day.

What you want is to offer them in such a way that they can / will appreciate it better and that is  where plain ol’ mailing comes in.

How long does it take?

About  a week to  prepare the questions and an hour to conduct the interview. That’s all.

Oh, about another week to get your CD’s.

If you need more information, please contact us. Thanks


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